Professional Development For Teachers

Producing students that are college and career ready is a goal that schools all over the country are working hard to achieve. Implementing instructional and assessment practices that are research and data-based are working towards that goal. But there are many other factors that can unfortunately limit student achievement in spite of these improvements- factors such as discipline and behavior, unmotivated students, and inefficient use of instruction time.  I provide the knowledge and skills that can help your school overcome these obstacles to take your students' performance (and your school's performance label) to the next level.

What I offer is not a program- teachers are already doing enough things. My purpose is to help your school maximize the effectiveness of systems and programs that are already in place. I accomplish this by focusing on these key areas:

  • How to build positive and productive learning communities in classrooms and schools- where students are motivated to learn and committed to trying their very best
  • How to effectively manage student behaviors & solve discipline problems

In addition to helping boost your students' academic performance, I will also

provide solutions to problems that frequently plague schools, such as:

  • parental involvement challenges
  • attendance issues
  • ​bullying

Get the MOST out of everything you do!

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